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Robert Gamperl

Filmmaker, Director & Cinematographer


Hey, I’m Robert a passionate filmmaker based close to Graz, Austria. But I am mostly on the road, working all over the world.

I am working mostly for travel and tourism agencies, on corporate
films and documentaries. 

As an former professional football (soccer) player and adventurer I realized lots of outdoor projects lately. Climbing and Hiking with my gear was no problem for me and I love being outdoors. As much
as I love nature I also do a lot 
of postproduction and studio work. 


I am available to produce, direct and shoot your film.

I produce high-quality short video portraits about people, companies and brands from a mountain man living in the Austrian Alps to big international operating companies and everything in-between.

I creat films about your products and brand. I want to understand your vision and bring your story to life on the screen in a very cinematic way of filming.

Producing & Directing

  • Cinematic Portraits about People and Brands
  • Documentaries
  • Commercials
  • Corporate Films
  • Travel, Tourism & Outdoor Sports

Camera Work

  • Camera Operator
  • Gimbal Operator
  • Portrait Lighting
  • Stock Footage
  • Aerial Camera Operator

Some of my Clients

  • Frutura
  • Gesäuse
  • Steiermark Tourismus
  • I & U TV Produktionen
  • KameraWERK
  • Graf Film
  • Steirerblech
  • Grollegg Gmbh
  • Nationalpark Gesäuse
  • Red Bull Media House
  • Aerialfilm
  • France 2
  • Terra Mater
  • ServusTV
  • Nationalparks Austria
  • Getty Images
  • Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft
  • E.C.O. Institut für Ökologie
  • SchauTV
  • Magic Takes
  • World Sports Card
    • I am Marketing
    • Energie Steiermark
    • Alpinschule Bergpuls
    • Technische Universität Wien
    • Konditorei Stockhammer
    • M3 Studios
    • NMS Ilz
    • Die Neffen von Tante Eleonor
    • Koller Mühle
    • Andreas Hollinger
    • Schneider Facility
    • CIA-C Haustechnik
    • Spendlhofer Installationen
    • Schneider Heizung
    • Darkwars Music
    • Infected Brains Music
    • Science Slam Austria
    • TU Wien
    • Alpinschule Alpinstil
    • Gloria FIlm
Working on a corporate video at Landl, Austria. Photo by Max Thaller.
Climbing for a Portrait of a Mountain Guide at Gesäuse Nationalpark, Austria. Photo by Max Thaller.
Working on a commercial at Johnsbach, Austria. Photo by Thomas Sattler