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Hi guys!

This is a very special blog entry. By Robert’s assistant/employee of the summer (self-announced). Me. Max. So read carefully! 😉

Where to start?

Maybe at the beginning. About me: Usually I’m a 23 yo professional volleyball player (National team, 95 caps, current club: CSM Bucharest) and I study “Digital Media” if I’m not practising volleyball. This summer, I had a little bit more “off-season time”, so I decided to do something reasonable during that time. I ask the best and most wanted filmmaker, director, cinematographer and dog lover from Austria (short: Robert) if he’s got a job for me, because I want to get to know the filmmaking/photography business. There’s no harm in asking, I thought and luckily for me, he hired me! 😀 So Robert took me on a really exciting journey. I spent 8 fascinating weeks with Robert and his dog Woody (Yes, there’s no Robert without dog) in the “Gesäuse“, which I’d like to write about:

Our mission

Robert works at the Gesäuse since 5 years and is really passionated about it – he managed it easily to transfer this enthusiasm. You can find some of his past work here:

We spend plenty of times in the mountains at this beautiful region (to film the nature and the alpine cabins. Moreover, it was a big concern for him to show me around, what I really appreciated. Our misson was to produce short image films for the partner companies of the national park Gesäuse. During that time I met a lot of interesting people and filmed/photographed at beautiful places (e.g.: Filming on a rafting boat) and learned a lot about filmmaking. Oh man, this guy knows a lot about this business. He taught me so much. Starting from techincal questions, color grading, select the right view, cutting, working with clients, planing a shooting, working with lights et cetera… I’m sure I will benefit from this amazing 8 weeks in my future.


I fell in love with the friendly people here and this wonderful patch of earth – thanks to Robert. Sometimes it was a bit exhausting – we stayed 3-5 days non-stop there, slept everywhere (from car, tent to hotel). 24 hours together. No so easy for a guy like me, who is used to some time alone. But Robert was not like a ordinary boss. I always felt on par with him. He ask for advice, trusted in my filmmaking skill and we had loads of fun, during our time together. He even delegated a cutting job to me (video proof will follow – I’m very proud, because it’s freaking awesome). Now at the end of my internship I feel a little bit sad, but I’m sure I built a long-term friendship, not only a business partner.

Thanks Robert for everything – I hope we will work together again soon! <3

PS: Here is a small personal selection – one photo for each day 😉

more @ my 500px account:

Employee of the Summer – Max Thaller

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