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Hey, this is my first travel post and we are heading to Miami – Florida.

Why Travel?

You may ask yourself, why is he writing about travelling? He is just a filmmaker…
Yeah, because filmmaking has a lot to do with travelling. Well, not for every filmmaker, but for me. I mostly work at least 150km away from my office. (Mostly Vienna and in the mountains of Styria) Most of the time, this is already travelling. Packing and unpacking things, organizing tons of equipment. This is new to me and although I spend my last two years “on the road” organizing these trips is always a challenge.

What is the article about?

  • Airport and Flight
  • Hotel
  • Sightseeing
  • Miami South Beach
  • Downtown Miami

First of all, I didn’t travel alone, my dear friend Oliver was with me.


Airport and Flight

We booked via the KLM and our flight was operated through Air France. Everything was fine and the flight was just € 399,- And yeah.. we travelled from 15.01.2017 to 22.01.2017 – The weather was really good. It was sunny everyday and with 28° really enjoyable.

We waited really long at the Border Control, at least 2,5 hours from landing to the Taxi off the airport. 30 minutes because I filled out my paper for the border control wrong.
But the officer was really friendly and told me an Arnold Schwarzenegger Joke:

What’s “Goodbye” in Austria?

Hasta La Vista!

I had some film equipment with me, so I filled out a Carnet back in Austria. But how to travel with a Carnet in USA is subject for another blog article I am going to write soon.

So after my little mistake at the border control we were finally out of the airport and in the USA.

Oliver at the Airport Lounge in Vienna.


We had a nice hotel next to the airport because all other hotels with 3 stars were really expensive. And I wanted a hotel where I can be sure my equipment is ok. I stored everything in the hotel safe. Our hotel was the Holiday Inn Express Miami Springs. The hotel is ok, big rooms and beds – and very clean. Breakfast is included, but for European standards it is poor. All plastic, pancakes out of plastic bags and things with a lot of sugar. (Bagles, Candy, …) But we found ourselves some bananas and apples 🙂

If you don’t like a sweet breakfast an IHOP is just across the street. The breakfast there was really good. Speaking of really good, Tom’s NFL Bar is 30m away from the hotel. Every day football and good, fresh food at night. One of the best bars I’ve ever been to.

There was one downside to the hotel, if you want to go Downtown or to the Beach, you have to travel about 20 minutes. But I think for the lower price, this is ok. The taxi was 35 $ and on the last two days we shared the taxi with two Italian tourists.


Here are some things I would do again in Miami

  • Miami South Beach
  • Miami Heat Basketball Game
  • Bus Tour (to get a good impression of the town)
  • Ocean Drive
  • Lincoln Road Mall
  • Art District
  • Everglades Boat Tour and Gator Show
  • Downtown

Most of the things we have done was walking through Miami, eating at Ocean Drive and just relax at the Beach. There are a lot more things to do, but that’s what we have done in the three days we had for sightseeing.

I really recommend the Everglades tour – the Boat Tour is fun and you see alligators in the wild. And the gator show after was amazing too. -> I hope the guy at the show has still both of his hands. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you should go see the show 😉

As much as I like nature the best event for me was the Miami Heat Basketball game. The atmosphere was just amazing and so was the price in the Miami Heat Arena. Oliver bought two beers for us… bye bye 20$ 😉 We had a great time.
Always purchase the tickets through the official Miami Heat website and keep in mind you need a web connection for your tickets in the Arena. Unfortunately they don’t have a free wireless connection, so I had to put on Data Roaming what was really expensive for the short time I used the web to show my tickets.

Sightseeing tip: I think in Winter you can get 50% percent off the sightseeing tours. We booked two tours and saved -50%
And there is a really friendly old man, a sightseeing guide who can speak 7 different languages. And his best friend is from Austria (Styria) and he spoke “STEIRISCH” fluently. Really fun and nice guy. He was in front of their main office at Lincoln Road, Miami Beach.

Streets of Miami.

Holocaust Memorial.
Post Office.


We were two days at the convention center in Downtown. There are skyscrapers, not like South Beach, it’s totally different. It’s more the working district and of course there is the Miami Heat Arena. I enjoyed this skyscrapers and walking through the streets. It was new for me. You have to watch out at night. A Taxi Driver who drove us to the Heat Arena told us not to go through the streets, because we don’t know the city. We will get robbed. We should take a Taxi. (which we did)

Miami South Beach

The beach is big and clean. There was a demonstration of young people we ran into with lots of police. But everything was really peaceful. It was exciting to see such things first hand. Other things to do at South Beach, is the Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road Mall, Bus Tours, Boat Tours … The Ocean Drive is (of course) really expensive. Like in the heat stadium a beer is about 10$ and a handful of Spaghetti or Lasagna is 20$. My tip if you want to eat at Ocean Drive and don’t have too much money to spend on your meals, eat from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. All restaurants have special offers during these times. (50% off the meal)

The Everglades

Miami Heat Game


I had no expectation of Miami because most of my friends told me that their trip was no good. But I think you can really enjoy Miami and I hope I can return soon. 🙂 I would love to hear your impressions on Miami and what trips you have taken.
Bye Rob

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