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I am really glad that my website is now ready to publish. It’s very time consuming and sleep is rare working on the website (mostly articles and text, not design) after I have done the “important work”.

What’s new?

  • Lifestream
  • Blog

About the Lifestream

The Lifestream is a section where you can find my latest Instagram Photos. I post almost everyday a location photo or pictures of my trips around the world. For those who don’t have Instagram (like my Mum ;-)) this Lifestream is kind of “important”.

About the Blog

I am really happy about the Blog. My goal is to do a post every week. About what?

  • Behind The Scenes Photos
  • Information of Projects
  • Film gear (lenses, cameras, photo and video – Sony FS7, URSA Mini Pro, A7s, Canon C100 and much more…)
  • Editing and Grading Soft-and Hardware (LUTs)
  • Travelling
  • Lighting for Film and Photo
  • Dogs (yeah, you will see a lot of Dog photos if you follow me 😉 )
  • Outdoors, Adventure, Mountains, Sea and Sports (I’m a former professional football/soccer player)
  • Articles of friends and colleagues

I’ve worked a lot of outdoors lately. In the bag is my URSA Mini Pro Cinema Camera – really heavy. Photo by my assistant © Max Thaller

I hope you enjoyed my first blog post and I am looking forward to do a lot more in the future. My next two weeks are full of mountain journeys and after this I am three weeks in the USA.

Travel to Miami

Hey, this is my first travel post and we are heading to Miami - Florida. Why Travel? You may ask yourself, why is he writing about travelling? He is just a filmmaker... Yeah, because filmmaking has a lot to do with travelling. Well, not for every filmmaker, but for...

My Summer with Robert

Hi guys! This is a very special blog entry. By Robert's assistant/employee of the summer (self-announced). Me. Max. So read carefully! 😉 Where to start? Maybe at the beginning. About me: Usually I'm a 23 yo professional volleyball player (National team, 95 caps,...